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Train your own perfect puppy!

App icon Whether you’re a dog owner, thinking of getting a dog, or a lover of dogs in general, 'Clickety Dog' provides hours of brilliant entertainment and advice. 'Clickety Dog” is unique: gameplay is directly linked to real-life scenarios that could help you raise a perfect puppy. Just as in real life, your dog won’t always do what you want. Patience and constant encouragement will be key to your success!
  • The game that simulates real-life scenarios & dog behaviour
  • Players can use a real clicker to interact with the game
  • Versions include: iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Blackberry 10 & Playbook, Samsung

Game features

Feature 1

Choose your dog
Select and name your own dog. Compete against family and friends or train multiple dogs yourself.

Feature 2

Start training
Teach your dog to sit, lie down, jump and dance when you ask him to. Your playful dog needs to learn new skills – as well as good manners!

Feature 3

Win prizes!
But do keep a look out for objects that mysteriously go missing (now, who might have taken that shoe?).

Feature 4

Obedience competitions
Test your dog in front of expert judges before entering the agility events.

Feature 2

Cross-country agility
Take your dog over, under and around all manner of obstacles. Have you trained him well enough? He'll need to respond to you quickly!

Feature 3

Improve your own skill
Teaching with a clicker requires good timing. Use these mini ball games & real-dog videos to sharpen your responses.

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Title page Playing Learning to jump Thinking about it I'd rather dance Fast, fit and focused

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Terry Ryan, CPDT-KA
Everyone should have Clickety Dog on their phone. They've done a great job of creating a fun pastime for trainers wanting to improve their mechanical skills. Warning: It’s addictive.
5 Stars

Dogs Monthly
Great animation and the dog is incredible – he almost seems real!
5 Stars

Sue Williams, Guild of Dog Trainers
This app is great – definitely the best I've seen.
5 Stars

Gary Wilkes (co-founder of clicker training)
I think your app will help acquaint people with hands-on training and the validity of clicker training – both wonderful things.
5 Stars

Daniel (age 7)
My dog is good at everything. He's got lots of rosettes and trophies. I could even teach him to dance!
5 Stars

Clickety Dog is just so cute ...
5 Stars

This game feels like I'm training a real dog – he certainly misbehaves almost as much.
5 Stars

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